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Metodo Fast Music ®
is presented by:
Musica Facile Committee

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Ascoli Piceno
Viale Treviri, 25


Il Metodo Fast Music ® è certificato Eccellenze Italiane

Metodo Fast Music®
is a registered trademark
by Pierpaolo D'Angelantonio

Metodo Fast Music © 2010-2011
by Pierpaolo D'Angelantonio

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Welcome to the Fast Music Method Website!

1. What is it?

Fast Music Method is a music-didactic software. It gets to gain an amazing speed of execution by "tips", "tricks", advices and music examples. The interaction sound/image helps the beginner player to play immediately any track. Thanks to chords schemes and harmonic progressions, now everyone can compose music!
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2. Who is it addressed to?

Both to beginners and insecure players.

3. How can I order it?

It may be downloaded directly on your PC or sent to you in a CD-ROM.
The term of payment is Paypal.
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