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Metodo Fast Music ®
is presented by:
Musica Facile Committee

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Ascoli Piceno
Viale Treviri, 25


Il Metodo Fast Music ® è certificato Eccellenze Italiane

Metodo Fast Music®
is a registered trademark
by Pierpaolo D'Angelantonio

Metodo Fast Music © 2010-2011
by Pierpaolo D'Angelantonio

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About us

The Fast Music Method comes from an idea of the author Pierpaolo D'Angelantonio and is sponsored by the Musica Facile Committee.

The Musica Facile Committee, with the intent of spreading Music Art and Culture, has always searched, studied and promoted both its issues and the ones by authors who are trying to make music learning easier, thanks to new computer technologies.

Musica Facile Committee wanted to became a meeting and testing point for professional musicians and beginners who wish to approach for the first time in this fantastic passion.

Our first aim is to make playing instruments simplier. We begins with familiar instruments to get to the less known. Some famous players work with us.

Our Association has started studying and researching in a theoretical-practical method (our method has been positively reviewed from famous music critics in the website

This Method is about Electronic Keyboards and addressed to people playing by ear, but looking for practical advices to execute every track immediately and easily. Fast Music Method offers practical rules and sound-image interactivity.